Files4us Security
To create Files4us we did not rely on simple computer programmers: we wanted to be able to guarantee our users the maximum possible security.
For this reason, we have entrusted the development of the software to a team of ethical hackers:
Furthermore, guarantees the continuity of the service and the impossibility of data loss.
We have relied on a provider that guarantees adequate security measures for the risk of processing: access to the Data Center is allowed only to authorized personnel and is certified through biometric readers.
Disaster Recovery is another fundamental feature of Files4us: the data centers are designed and built with security, power, air conditioning and redundancy systems capable of preventing the interruption of the services provided and ensuring business continuity even in the event of maintenance, failure, or accident. The geographical distribution of our service allows us to guarantee your online presence, always! All data, in fact, are replicated and kept aligned in the 2 data centers of Turin and Pisa (Italy). This allows us to provide the service even in the event of a serious accident to one of the two infrastructures
Thanks to the network of Firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and WAF (Web Application Firewall), our provider is able to analyze in real time all incoming traffic to the servers and block attacks, including the so-called “0 day”. The NOC performs daily analysis operations by creating specific signatures to block future attempts.