File Storage and Sharing Made Easy

How Does it Work?

  • Fill the form and get your personal link
  • Add it to your website or use it in the browser
  • Buy credits
  • Create Archives and folders
  • Add users
  • Create mailing lists
  • Assign Co-Admin Roles
  • Upload documents
  • Share them with a simple click

Features of an AMS

10 Archive Management Software must-have

  1. Guarantee your files the highest possible security
  2. Minimalistic graphical interface so that anyone can use it
  3. Nothing to download or install on your computer
  4. It shouldn’t weigh on your website and slow it down
  5. Customize with your logo or the avatar of your social profiles
  6. Must allow you to easily share uploaded files
  7. Send publication notices with a simple click
  8. Priced on the number of users, not on storage space
  9. You must know exactly where your documents are
  10. Must provide assistance to anyone who uses the service


Developed by a team of ethical hackers

Access by automatically generated invitation code

Strict access to our data centres

Disaster Recovery Plan

Integrated Management System

Web Application Firewall

Supported Files

Who Is It Suitable For?








Social Networks

Data Storage

Document Backup






Professional Orders





The 3 basic S’s


When you share documents with many people, you don’t need to waste time explaining where to find the files, or how to download them. We made Files4us as straightforward as possible. From the tech-savvy to the computer illiterate, literally, anyone can benefit from our easy-to-use document archiver, and that’s the principle of usability.


The current trend is that cloud storage is safer. Are you really sure? Cloud storage means your data ends up on some server somewhere in the world. Our many physical servers are located in Italy and guarantee the backup of your data. GDPR-compliant. Developed by an Ethical Hackers team.


You don’t need to install anything. We will provide you with a link, and you will be redirected to your own personalized page. There, you will find only a few buttons including manage, archive, upload, create groups, add users, and send mail. The document archiving and sharing process will be very fast.

About Us

We are a Young and Enthusiastic Team

Files4us saw the light in 2021, becoming an indispensable software for professional, commercial, educational, health, and also social categories and organizations.

It seems only a few years have passed since we created the first file-storing and sharing system for condominium management. It had to be exceptionally simple to use for administrators and tenants, regardless of their computer skills. To accomplish this goal, we applied the “philosophy of the explicit” where the software’s buttons displayed the name of the functions they performed, not symbols and icons to interpret. The result was a program that did not require a tutorial, and even those who were not familiar with the internet and IT tools could use it. Success was so fast that we were taken by surprise, and we wondered if we could extend our software and apply it in other fields where a service of documents archiving and sharing was required. We have turned our attention to security, finding the absolute best solution to guarantee our users peaceful nights, but we kept the ease of use of our software.

What Our Customers Say

Priscilla Markus

I am a condominium administrator. Using the file-sharing tool integrated into condo management software, I immediately realized that I was wasting a lot of time explaining to tenants and owners how to enter the file storage and how to find their documents. To minimize the time and money loss, I needed to find the most intuitive software, with additional assistance to inexperienced users. Since I discovered Files4us the nightmare is over! Thank you, guys. Keep it up.

Jason Myles

My company manages very sensitive documents, and I wasn’t sure about cloud storage security and reliability. I needed to know exactly who was keeping my documents and exactly where they were physically stored. With Files4us, I know with certainty that my documents are on two storage servers in different locations in Italy. The main server is in Turin and a backup server is in Pisa. The extreme simplicity of the software did the rest, and I have never looked back again.

Kyle Hoffman

At first, Files4us’ minimalistic look didn’t give me much confidence. But then I gave it a shot, and I discovered its full potential. It’s so easy to use that you don’t need to study a tutorial or lengthy instructions. The icons are intuitive, so you launch it, and you are good to go. My customers are delighted, and they even think I made it because it’s customized with my logo. Furthermore, my site is very feature-rich and file archiving software that runs on an external server like Files4us, does not weigh on its performance at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install it?

No need for downloads or installations. Files4us runs on an external and secure server. We will send you a link to paste on your website or to use directly on your browser.

This will not slow down your site and the files will not be uploaded to your computer, but to our Data Centers.

How can I personalize it?

You can send us your logo, which will replace ours, so you can add value to your company or organization. When you have your own website, you don’t want to see another organization’s logo, and your customers won’t see it either.

How many users can I add?

You can add as many users as you need to. What you pay is $1 per user a month.

I run a Social Network page. How can I take advantage of Files4us?

If you don’t have a website or a blog where to paste the link, you can use a custom link that we will provide you with. You can invite the participants of your Social Network group to join in sharing files by emailing them with the access code. Whenever you upload a file, they will receive a notification directly in their inbox. And you’ll safely keep sharing documents off Social Networks.

Isn’t cloud storage better?

Cloud storage is also physical storage. Your documents are stored somewhere you don’t always know. Document management software products relies on cloud storage services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, who holds the majority of data storage worldwide, and they also are the most susceptible to potential cyber-attacks.

Are my files safe?

Storing files is serious business. Your pc or external drive can get damaged. External software can be attacked by hackers. This is why we have implemented security with a unique access code every time you need to log in. To add users, the administrator must send them a code that they must enter. Our servers are in Italy and every document is stored in all of them. So, should an earthquake or flood destroy a server, the others keep your files safe.

Can I make money with Files4us?

Yes. There are two ways to make money with Files4us. If you are registered as an administrator, Files4us costs $1.00 per month per user. Since you will customize it with your logo, you will be able to apply any fee you like to your users based on the content you are sharing with them. The second way to earn extra money is to promote Files4us on your site. For each affiliation, you will earn a percentage. Discover the platforms to promote Files4us by clicking below.

Environmental Impact

How can the use of a document archiving and sharing tool reduce human impact on the environment?

Simply by stopping using paper to archive documents! It can be done because digital products are now more reliable, and they are trustworthy enough to switch to completely digital. Not only that, but you can directly contribute to decreasing your carbon footprint by planting trees.

We are volunteers of the Canarian reforestation foundation, and we are aware that the desertification caused by climate change and fires can be countered through the sowing of new trees. Let’s leave a better world for our children, let’s plant a tree today.